Knitting Patterns

Follow these knitting patterns for all kinds of yarn pieces. How-tos, tutorials, and patterns for every style of knit stitching.

How-to: Arm Knit a Blanket

Arm Knit Blanket Pattern I’m a huge fan of chunky yarn, and this blanket is as chunky as you can get! But when you don’t have the needles to fit this size of yarn, you’re going to have to improvise…. Continue Reading →

Woodland Creatures Knit Coffee Cozy

Woodland Creatures Knit Coffee Cozy Pattern When you want to have a little cozy around your coffee cup, I think this would be the perfect one. Especially on a cold winter day. I can just image being in a winter… Continue Reading →

Knit Monster Pants for Babies

Knit Monster Pants Pattern I can’t even get over these darling little booties, walking around in knit monster pants!! How fun to knit a pair of these pants for a little baby or toddler you love. You could make them… Continue Reading →

Sheepishly Cute Knit Baby Blanket

Sheep Baby Blanket Pattern How adorable is this darling sheep baby blanket? I would love to knit that for any number of little tushies I might know. I’m sure the yarn is super soft on those sheep and a fun… Continue Reading →

Cozy Convertible Knit Mittens

Cozy Convertible Knit Mittens Pattern This cold weather is making me ready to knit these Convertible Knit Mittens! Don’t they look so cozy?! I love that there’s a little space for the thumb top to flip open, you know, for smartphone usage!! And… Continue Reading →

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